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ABS Courier (Pvt) Ltd got on the road way back in 2006, and the company was soon delivering the Goods for a number of reputed, local, multinational clients too, thus gaining a reputation for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

ABS Courier now employees over 300 employees who are well experienced in the trade, efficient and very customer oriented, always offering its clients an extremely trust worthy and speedy service.

  Our Strength
 All Time Service Viability   Exclusive Vehicle Fleet
We are running exclusively for 24 hours in order to give a speedy service to our customers who insist in delivering letters, documents and parcels within from place to place in shortest possible time.
We are equipped with vehicles to suit our distribution needs from Motor Cycles, Vans and Lorries to offer a better service to the Customers. In addition to existing vehicles we also have a back-up fleet to fit in when the usual vehicles breakdown.
National wide Net-work    Responsible Delivery
Fully fledged 17 Branches are scattered around the whole island. In addition, “Convenient Centers” are positioned in important Cities as collection centers for the Convenience of the public to receive Letters and Parcels.
  We undertake the full responsibility for all letters, parcels and documents taken over for distribution where a Proof Of Delivery (POD) is issued with the name, addresses signatures, times etc.


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